Hifi Filter.




Discover how a modest Swiss company became what it is today, the European specialist and market leader in filtration, with a presence (offices and stocks) in four European countries, delivering products to more than 90 countries worldwide.

Processing plants-Food, Milk Processing Plants, Brewery, Bottled Water, Flour Mills, Biscuit and Pasta Factories, ...etc

  • Industries-Cement, Textile, Spray Ovens, PVC Pipes, Cosmetics, Bottle Plants, Mines and Hospitals,...etc
  • Construction and Agricultural Machineries-oil, Fuel, Air Compressor, Separators and Hydraulic Filters.
  • Trucks and Automobiles-oil, Fuel, Air Filters and Cabin Filters.
  • Marine and Small Engines-all tires of filters.
  • All filtration solutions including Heavy Duty Machineries, Compressed Air Filters, Aerolics, Handing Equipments, Industries, Marine, Automobiles, Motorbicycles, Agricultural Equipments & Machineries, Trucks & Buses, Food & Beverage Processing Plants, Spray Ovens, Bottle Plants, Cement Industries, Hospitals, Mines, Bottling Plants, Textiles, and other industries that require any kind of filtration solution are supplied by JURA FILTRATION.
  • We have over 32,000 applications available.


Visit: www.hifi-filter.com